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In “Know,” L-C students will discover their strengths, abilities and goals in relation to academic and career preparation.

Who am I?

Get to know your interests, skills and strengths. This stage includes the following topics.

  • Students will take and review inventories and assessments to learn about personal strengths, work values, learning styles, beliefs and interests.
  • Students are engaged in extracurricular and co-curricular activities that provide experiences from which they learn about their skills, abilities, and interests.
  • Students will set short and long-term goals based on their developing self awareness.

Financial Knowledge
Students will be provided instruction, experiences and guidance for developing an understanding of relevant financial concepts.

Academic and Career Preparation
  • Students have opportunities to learn study skills such as outlining, note-taking, using academic planners, memorization and test-taking skills.
  • Students have opportunities to engage in self-directed and group inquiry-based and problem-solving activities.
  • Students have opportunities to practice appropriate communication with different purposes or audiences.