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In “Explore,” L-C students investigate careers, local and state labor market needs, as well as service and work experience opportunities based on their interests and abilities. During the exploration stage, students will begin to narrow down their options to find and choose pathways that fit them best.

What do I want to do? Where do I want to go?

Explore career pathways and education opportunities. This stage includes the following topics.

Career Exploration
All L-C students will have opportunities to participate in career-based events at various grade levels such as career fairs, job shadowing, and field trips. It is important for students to have opportunities to explore careers in various pathways. Using Career Cruising, students will have access to the local labor market statistics as well as the 16 career clusters.

World of Work and Labor Market
It is important for our students to have an understanding of the jobs available within our community and state to develop a realistic plan for their future. As of 2016, according to the jobcenterofwisconsin.com website, the top industries for employment in Kewaunee County are:
  • Animal Production and Aquaculture
  • Education Services
  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and Food Services
  • Nursing and Residential Care Facilities

Post Secondary Education and Training Options
Students will access multiple sources for information on postsecondary programs, institutions, and scholarships/financial aid.

Career of the Week

Careers on Wheels

Each spring the Intermediate School works with local businesses to organize a fun day for Spartan students to learn about different occupations and career paths. Local professionals bring company vehicles or equipment to showcase for students, and students get the opportunity to speak with employees and business owners.

The district is very appreciative of the efforts local businesses put into this event. Careers on Wheels provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and get excited about the possibilities for their futures, and it wouldn't be possible without the tremendous support of our community!